Dishmantled  Review Thumbnail.png

Synopsis: Take two blindfolded chef contestants. Blast a dish into their face. Then make them recreate it for celebrity judges to win a cash prize. Did we mention it’s hosted by Tituss Burgess?

Format: New episodes every weekday (review based on the first 8 episodes)

Cast: Tituss Burgess

Director: Michael Pearlman

Tituss Burgess hosts Dishmantled, one of the most ridiculous cooking programs I’ve seen with equal parts Nickelodeon and Nailed It! makes for one of the new streaming service Quibi’s more interesting offerings.

Two contestants with protective gear head inside ‘the tube’ and as the show suggests, get a dish-dismantled in front of them. However, it’s out of what seems to be mini-canons and directly into their bodies. These two contestants then use their sense of smell and taste from the gooey explosion of food around them to try and guess what the dish was when it was still fully formed. With thirty minutes on the clock, they then have to try and recreate it to the best of their ability.

Every contestant so far has at least been an amateur chef or food lover so it’s not like chucking me into this show and having me struggle to pick out anything more than – “I dunno, it’s meat?” So that saves for what could be some truly awkward moment if either chef was to have no idea what to cook.

Tituss sits on the judge’s table with two guests who have ranged from professional chefs like Roy Choi to comedians like Rachel Dratch. There’s usually a small mix of both guest judges attempting to guess the dish themselves, while also seemingly just sipping margaritas and enjoying the nonsense that is this Dishmantled.

Episode length has ranged from 5-10 minutes and the fast-paced nature of the cooking in combination with intercuts to the chefs discussing what they were feeling/doing in a particular moment like your typical reality show makes for a good combination of elements to keep the pace up. It’s a fast-paced explosion of personality and food every episode.