Horror film Pearl, the follow-up to X from director Ti West, is finally getting released in Australian cinemas on March 16th.

Madman Films shared the news on Twitter and must be sharing as the local distributor for Pearl.


Being released in September in the United States will make it a 6-month difference, which is horrible. It is typical for A24-distributed films to get a delayed release in Australia, but a 6-month wait is atrocious.

The film itself is a prequel to X, which was released in 2022 also in both the United States and Australia. That film introduced us to Maxine and Pearl, both being played by Mia GothPearl is set in 1912, some years before X and gives us the backstory on Pearl and how she became the way she is when we meet her in X as an old lady with a licking for violence. 

Ti West is set to release another film in the same universe, MaXXXine, which will follow Maxine into Hollywood in the early 1980s. That film has yet to set a release date but is presumed to release in 2023, but let’s hope there’s not a 6-month wait for those in Australia.