Another E3 is upon us which means it is time for the 3rd Annual E3 predictions. On episode 30 of Arcade Couch Dylan, Ashley and Ciaran provided their unique predictions for this year’s E3.

Listed below are their Microsoft E3 predictions, things that they think will happen at Microsoft’s E3 Conference. Let us know who you think is on the money and who is way off in the comments below, or sound off on Twitter.

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Ciaran’s Predictions

1. Cyberpunk 2077 will get a release date within 7 days of October 25th 2019

Ashley: Geez

Dylan: What’s your maths on this?

Ciaran: I’ve just gone for it. I’ve just gone “October, we need a big October release”. Normally it happens the last week of October and Cyberpunk is coming. I know it’s coming out. I believe in CD Projekt Red. Let’s fucking go!

Ashley: It’s definitely going to come out the week before when PAX is.

Ciaran: Fuck. That would be the worst. That would actually be hilarious.

Dylan: They miss it this year because PAX is 11-13 October.

Ciaran: It is withing 7 days of October 25th.

Dylan: I think your safe from PAX either way. That is a very hardcore prediction.

Ashley: Very specific.

Ciaran: I’m going for it.

Dylan: Now I’m like “Does your uncle work at CG Project Blue?”

Ciaran: I have a man on the inside. A mole you might say.

2. The Microsoft Conference opens with a Borderlands 3 trailer

Ashley: No. Crazy.

Dylan: That’s disgusting.

Ciaran: Yep. I know it’s a wild one. It’s a fucking wild one.

Dylan: Randy Pitchford walks out on stage, kicks a cat, fucking throws a Magic card at someone, “Hey Microsoft”, everyone boos him

Ashley: Everybody boos and he says “Why you guys would fuck me on this is beyond me. Thanks a lot”.

Dylan: And then it turns out it’s not actually Randy Pitchford, it’s just a hologram and we cut to Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay. Got em.


3. The Outer Worlds gameplay demo is shown

Ashley: That makes sense, even though it is being published by 2K, I think?

Ciaran: No, it’s not 2K.

Ashley: It’s being made by Obsidian but published by someone.

Ciaran: But not 2K is it?

Dylan: It’s being published by someone, I don’t really remember but it’s Obsidian‘s last game before Microsoft owns them.

Ciaran: I think Microsoft get that just because of their ties with Obsidian.

Dylan: They could get the trailer but it’s still gonna release on PS4.

Ciaran: It’s not going to be exclusive, no. I mean for E3, Outer Worlds will be there.

Ashley: It is being published by Private Division, which is a subsidiary of Take-Two.

Dylan’s Predictions

1. The Next Xbox is officially revealed

Ciaran: No way. No fucking way.

Ashley: How much of a reveal? That there is a Xbox whatever?

Dylan: They talk about it, they talk specs.

Ashley: In the same way they talked about the Scorpio?

Ciaran: The Project Scorpio? Are they going to do that again? Because if they do that again I’m gonna cry.

Dylan: No. Compare it to other console reveals. They may not have the box on stage but there might be a picture of it, they may just have the controller. They may just have pictures of stuff and just talk about it. Like a proper reveal of some sort. I don’t know the exact logistics because sometimes when they reveal consoles, sometimes they just have a controller, sometimes they don’t have anything, sometimes it’s just pictures. Either way, I’m gonna say it’s a proper reveal of Xbox’s next console and it’s gonna end their show.

2. Ninja Theory reveal their next game

Ciaran: That’s good. I had completely forgotten about Ninja Theory. I had completely spaced that they were an Xbox studio. Do you think that halfway through the show they reveal the next console and Ninja Theory’s game is revealed as one of the launch games for it?

Dylan: E3 this year will be one of those years where we are probably going to be shown a lot of games that aren’t officially announced for next gen but are probably going to be next gen. So Watch Dogs 3 I would presume is next gen, for example, and a bunch of other stuff we’ll probably see. If Ninja Theory show a trailer for a game, for example, it is just going to be a CGI cinematic, it’s not going to be gameplay or anything like that and they don’t need to say what console it’s coming too. If I’m watching a trailer for a new Ninja Theory game, I’m going to to go “cool. That’s a Xbox whatever game”. They don’t need to tell you what console it’s for because every time we get to the end of a console life cycle, this is what happens and they never say “coming to whatever”. It’s just wink wink, nudge nudge, It’s next gen, we just can’t say it. Or it’s going to be a cross generational thing.

3311652-console gpu power.jpg

3. Nintendo appear at the Microsoft Conference

Dylan: We’re at the Xbox conference,they’re yapping on about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 2. She’s back, I don’t know. whatever. The lights go down, out walks Bowser.

Ciaran: What? What?

Dylan: Nintendo make an appearance during the Xbox Conference to really signify their partnership in some form or fashion. I’m not going to lock in my crazy Gamepass theory is coming. I don’t know what they are going to do, I don’t want to go too crazy because I’m already in crazy territory but I will say Nintendo makes an appearance at the Xbox Conderence.

Ciaran: Does a green pipe come out of nowhere and Phil Spencer pops out it and this is the connection?

Dylan: Out comes Phil, out come Bowser, we’re off to the races.

Ciaran: Wow.

Ashley’s Predictions

1. Gears of War 5 Gameplay Demo with release date for Q4 this year

Dylan: That was one I nearly went with because it’s an easy point

Ashley: Yeah, pretty easy

Dylan: That’s Microsoft‘s last hurrah, Gears of War 5 and I think it’s a bit of a shoe in.

Ciaran: They’ve got Halo.

Dylan: Nah, Halo is next gen as far as I’m concerned. Gears of War 5 is their last title for Xbox One and I think basically everything else they’ve got in the works, Halo, all these studios they’ve been buying up, everything, that is all next gen. I think Gears of War is it for Xbox One which makes sense because at this stage you’ve lost the race. Why would you bother trying to rush out some new titles for the last 12 months of a console life cycle? Gears of War, one last holiday hurrah.

2. Battletoads shadowdrops

Ciaran: That was a thing that was announced last year wasn’t it? or was it the year before?

Ashley: They announced it last year

Ciaran: It was only a small teaser last year.

Ashley: Yeah.

Ciaran: So you think they’re just going to just show a trailer and be like “hey, it’s out now”?

Ashley: Yep

Ciaran: Ok.

Dylan: I don’t think you need a big build up to Battletoads. Barely anyone’s gonna play that fucking game anyway, let’s be honest. Even if it’s on Gamepass, which it probably would be, you’ll get a bunch of people who play it for 10 minutes and be like “fuck this shit”. You don’t need a big build up, I guess.


3. A new Banjo-Kazooie is announced

Ciaran: You struggled and you went with that?

Ashley: Yeah. I could have gone easy and gone with them showing Halo Infinite gameplay but I thought I’d go with something a bit different.

Dylan: Yeah, I had Halo down this entire time and I’m like “nah, Nah, nah”.

Ashley: Banjo-Kazooie because then, possibly, Banjo and Kazooie are going to be in Smash. That’s the tie-in.

Dylan: Yeah, OK.

Ciaran: So you would fulfill Dylan’s prediction with that prediction.

Dylan: He would. We would both be right if that came true.

Ciaran: I don’t like this. I feel like I’ve been targeted at times for my superior rock-paper-scissors skills. I feel like I’ve been ganged up on by the fricking Plat Boyz.