Another E3 is upon us which means it is time for the 3rd Annual E3 predictions. On episode 30 of Arcade Couch Dylan, Ashley and Ciaran provided their unique predictions for this year’s E3.

Listed below are their Nintendo E3 predictions, things that they think will happen at Nintendo’s E3 Direct. Let us know who you think is on the money and who is way off in the comments below, or sound off on Twitter.

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Ciaran’s Predictions

1. Animal Crossing for Switch Trailer is shown

Ciaran: Animal Crossing for Switch is announced

Dylan: Technically it has already been announced. It hasn’t had a proper reveal trailer

Ciaran: Ok. Well there will be a proper reveal trailer for Animal Crossing for Switch. It will be one of the big moments of the Nintendo Direct.

Dylan: I think that is a given

Ashley: Or the internet will riot, whichever one Nintendo wants.

Ciaran: I need to do some of these gimmes because of GTA IV Remastered…

Dylan: Fair enough

Ashley: You did that to yourself!

2. Metroid Prime 4 trailer is revealed

Ciaran: We will get a trailer for Metroid Prime 4

Dylan: From Labo to Metroid?

Ashley: To the game that just had a studio come onto it?

Ciaran: Yep. We’ll get a trailer for Metroid. Fuck you.


3. Nintendo announce a new Mario Kart

Ashley: That’s a rework from last year, I’m pretty sure.

Ciaran: Yeah, I tried for it last year so we’re going to go to the well again like Ashley did with his Rocksteady prediction.

Ashley: It’s gotta come true eventually.

Ciaran: Eventually there has got to be a new one. With Crash Team Racing somewhere in the future, they’re thinking about it.

Ashley: I don’t know. We’ve got Sonic Team Racing, now Crash Team Racing. It seems like a lot of racing games or Kart games around the same time.

Ciaran: So it should be Mario Kart Team Racing?

Dylan: Yeah. I’m down.

Dylan’s Predictions

1. Bayonetta 3 release window revealed

Dylan: It’s been a while since we’ve heard what’s happing over there at Bayonetta town. Let’s see what’s up. Give me a release window, tell me a year, tell me period, tell me a winter, tell me a summer, tell me something. Just come whisper sweet Bayonettas into my ear, do you know what I’m saying?

Ashley: Yep. I know what you’re saying. I don’t know what it really means.


2. Metroid Prime Trilogy announced for the Switch

Dylan: Ciaran, let me once again counter your prediction with Metroid Prime Trilogy announced for Nintendo Switch. Ba Dum Tss!

Ashley: Yeah that seems likely.

3. Nintendo announce new Switch hardware

Dylan: Nintendo Switch Pro is announced.

Ashley: I don’t know if that’s an E3 thing.

Dylan: I don’t think that’s a thing right?

Ashley: The Pro is not the one they are going for is it, it is the cheap one?

Dylan: There are rumours of both. Let me cover all bases, new Nintendo Switch is announced. Either way, some new Nintendo Switch hardware is announced

Ashley: Either, I’m not sure E3 is where you announce new hardware for Switch

Dylan: Where does Nintendo announce hardware?

Ashley: Any other time other than E3

Ciaran: Because they didn’t announce the Switch at E3, they announced it at a thing. You know, the thing.

Dylan: Did we know about it ahead of time and they were like “here, tune into this thing to learn about the Switch”?

Ashley: I assume it was a Direct.

Dylan: But this isn’t a new console, this is a XL type thing.

Ciaran: They won’t do hardware now.

Dylan: We’ll see.

Ashley’s Predictions

1. New Super Smash Bros DLC character is revealed from a non Nintendo game

Ashley: We are gonna get the new Super Smash Bros DLC character.

Ciaran: Fuck.

Dylan: Is that it? Is that your total prediction? We are getting a DLC character?

Ashley: Yep

Dylan: Weak. You’re weak. You’re weak.

Ashley: Ok. It will be from a non Nintendo game.

Dylan: Ok I’ll accept that. I was about to say “DLC charcter gets announced for Smash”. Ok. The sky is blue Ash.

2. Pikmin 4 trailer revealed

Ashley: We are going to get a trailer for Pikmin 4.

Dylan: It’s possible.

Ashley: They’ve been working on it.

Dylan: It’s a thing that exists. I like it. I can get down with the jiggy, up jump the boogie woogie (It was a long recording session).


3. Nintendo show a Persona 5 Scramble Gameplay trailer

Ashley: We are going to see Persona 5 for Switch gameplay. Sorry, I misspoke, Persona 5 Scramble for Switch gameplay.

Ciaran: That is such a bait. Wow.

Dylan: The troll never ends.

Ashley: It is going to be great. The music is going to hit. Everyone is going to think for a moment “Is it? Is it? No, it’s Scramble”. And then they’ll tease it at the end again and it won’t be. It’s gonna be great.