AMC Networks (AMC+, Acorn TV and Shudder) are delivering a mix of Christmas and bloody goodies this December.

Highlights for this month include Christmas with the Campbells on AMC+, The Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas Special on Acorn TV and Christmas Bloody Christmas on Shudder.

We have reviews for two of this month’s movies already up for you to check out. I reviewed Christmas Bloody Christmas, writing that “Christmas Bloody Christmas ticks all the boxes.” Ashley reviewed Christmas with the Campbells, saying that “this film feels like a test to see how much raunchy wordplay the writers could fit into a script about Christmas.” We also have a discussion of Christmas with the Campbells on our new limited podcast series, ‘A Very Explosion Network Christmas,’ which you should be listening to weekly.

Check out the list of movies, series and specials coming to AMC+, AcornTV and Shudder in December below. 


A Wounded Fawn  [A Shudder Original]

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