Developer: Danger Thumbs
Release: 2024
Platforms: PC

Footy Bash is a fast-paced twist on our national game; it’s all about big mo-
ments! Big Tackles. Big Marks. Big Hits. Big Goals.


  • Customise the look of your team. Before every match you have the opportunity to customise the look of your team. With 10+ team patterns, and a number of colour palettes, make your team your own.
  • Manage your team’s stamina and health. Victory in Footy Bash is
    more than just scoring goals. Manage your team‘s resources to ensure you have the dashes and punches needed to break through, and tem-porarily knock down opponents who get too ambitious.
  • Outclass you opponents. Get ahead of the kick, and in prime position for the marks to get you within’ striking distance. Landing a successful mark will knock down opponents and refund your team stamina. Time your offence, and manage your special ability cooldowns to come out on top.
  • Master the intricacies of the game. From timing and chaining your special abilities, to hitting that perfect kick for significantly increased accuracy.