Games For Change (GFC) will host their inaugural virtual festival this October as part of Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW), which runs from October 5th – 7th. 

Anyone interested in how games can help make the world a better place is encouraged to register for the GFC event now, which is free. 

Throughout the three days, there will be workshops and talks covering how 3D printing can be used in practical ways; health & science uses for games; how games can be used to explore complex social issues, mental health and educational uses in games, and much more. 

The festival will feature over 100 presenters from throughout the Asia-Pacific region with Noah Falstein, former Chief Game Designer for Google, and Carolyn Mee, from SoundScouts whose innovative hearing test app supports children worldwide, will serve as Keynote speakers. 

Noah Falstein was among the first ten employees at LucasFilm Games/LucasArts and has had a storied career since, spending the last four years at Google. He’s now working as a freelance game designer and producer but focuses on health-related projects using games including ReMission from Hopelab which he contributed to, which helps teen cancer patients stay on their chemotherapy.

Carolyn Mee began collaborating with the Nation Acoustic Laboratories in 2011 to help improve children’s hearing screenings in the research arm of Hearing Australia. It’s here where Sound Scouts was created and in 2015 Sound Scouts was awarded an NSW Medical Devices Fun Grant for $1.1 million to help its continued development.

Games For Change is a non-profit group founded in New York in 2004 with a mission to drive real-world change using games and immersive media. They have chapters in the US, Latin America, Europe and more recently, the Asia-Pacific region. 

You can find out more and view the full GFC schedule here.