If you play Pokémon GO and are also an Amazon Prime member, you can grab some exclusive item bundles starting now and over the next few months. 

The May bundle for Pokémon GO includes 30x Pokéballs, 5x Max Revives and a single Star Piece. Although that’s nothing super-exciting, it’s still free, and Star Pieces are always good to have, especially on days where there are Stardust bonuses, like the Alolan Geodude Community Day that happened over the weekend. 

Head on over to the Prime Gaming page here to claim your content, and then either head to the Niantic website to redeem your code or do it in-game. 

While you’re there, don’t forget you can use your Amazon Prime account to subscribe to one Twitch account free each month, so why not subscribe to twitch.tv/explosionnetwork?!