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The end of 2019 is just days away and what a big year it has been for us. Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying what we’ve been making and producing all year.

I hope you’ve been enjoying our end of year content. If you haven’t, make sure you go to explosionnetwork.com/bestof2019

Firstly, I want to say thank you to anyone who has read, listened or watched anything that we’ve put out this year. We continue to grow because you are participating in what we’re posting. 

Secondly, a special shoutout to those that have supported us with subscriptions on Twitch or supported us via Ko-Fi since we launched it earlier in the year. Thank you so very much for helping us keep the lights on and get better gear. 

Now for some quick numbers to make myself feel good:

  • We posted over 200 podcast episodes this year across 12 different shows. 

  • Our collected total of reviews and articles this year means we posted over 350 written pieces, making it the busiest year for the website’s content.

  • We had an increase of +150% unique visitors to the site this year confirming that we are growing as a site and making the correct choices.

In a lot of ways I feel like we rebooted Explosion Network in 2018 and this year we finally hit our stride and understanding of what we want to be doing.

I want to especially thank Ashley Hobley, Ciaran Marchant, Nicholas Prior and Cherie Henriques for all their hard work this year and making the Explosion Network what it is – which is a fantastic website I’m proud of and love putting my time into with them.  

The Explosion Network will be going on a short break from January 1st, but we’ll be back in a couple of weeks time. You’ll still see some stuff going up on the website like the remainder of our Best of 2019 awards. 

Have an amazing New Year and I’ll speak to you in 2020!