HOYTS Cinemas has revealed a new campaign focused on the big screen and sound experience that heading to the cinema can provide.

“See the Big Picture” is “more than a refreshed look and tagline,” states HOYTS in a press release provided to Explosion Network. It’s branding that is at the heart of the company’s vision, and with over 113 years of bringing moving pictures to life in the cinema experience, HOYTS has more than enough reason to ask for your trust in that statement.

Stephanie Mills, HOYTS Director of Sales, Marketing and Content, said that “People have access to a huge amount of content on different sized screens, but nothing compares to the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen at the cinema,” which is a statement I know we at Explosion Network are more than happy to get behind.

“Sitting distracted in front of your TV, behind a tiny phone screen, or a laptop just doesn’t compare to seeing a new release in a cinema. “See the Big Picture” reminds people of the magic of the movies; an escape from reality that provides emotional experiences that you just can’t get at home.”

HOYTS has recently invested in D-BOX Motion Recliners in fourteen additional cinemas around Australia and Xtremescreens.

Read more about the campaign here, and let me know what your favourite HOYTS cinema is in the comments section below.