Katana R18.png

Nintendo Switch fans in AUS/NZ rejoice! Katana Zero is coming to the Switch after all.

Although initial ‘banned’ in Australia, which was later confirmed to have been caused by the automated IARC system which is built to help take the load off classification work needed to be completed in an attempt to streamline it. Katana Zero was deemed not classifiable by the system, but now it is releasing in ANZ with an R18+ classification.

This information comes via an email to us from Devolver Digitals ANZ representative confirming. As of writing, there is no classification rating on the official classification board website but that’ll presumably show up soon.

It seems that once the game was put in front of human eyes and ears, they were able to deem it the necessary R18+ rating and it’ll be on the Nintendo Switch eShop in the near future.

I reviewed the game on PC upon release saying:

“Katana ZERO is ridiculously cool and fun to play, but it’s the mix of its intriguing, mysterious plot and the katana action that will lead many to finish it in one play session.”

Are you relieved to be able to play Katana Zero soon on your Switch? Let us know.