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We finally have a look at what Marvel’s Avengers is going to be about outside of the A-Day gameplay that serves as the opening of the game and it looks a lot like Destiny with Superheroes. 

As the trailer explains, you’ll be heading out to missions from a menu screen and picking between either single-player only ‘Hero Missions’ or ‘Warzone Missions’ which you can play either solo or online with three other players. Hero Missions will lock you to playing as a certain character as they lead you along with the campaign, while the Warzone Missions will let you pick your favourite to play as. Either way progression and unlocks between both are shared. 


I noticed in the trailer there’s an option to change the difficulty and I’d assume much like Destiny and The Division replaying levels on higher difficulties will net you bigger rewards. 

Of course, much like The Division and Destiny, it seems a heavy emphasis for Marvel’s Avengers will also be on gear, gear score, as well as your skills and abilities.

Seen in the trailer are Iron Man and a gear screen that shows different colours equipment including green, blue and purple as well as each one providing you ‘gear power’ as well as perks that it seems you can unlock on that piece of equipment if you meet the requirement. 


Check out the full trailer below.

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release on May 15th for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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