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The next Grand Prix coming to Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled will introduce a brand new track as well as lots of new unlockables and characters. Oh, and Activision is now adding the micro-transactions that most of us felt was oddly missing in the way the games Wumpa Coins system was set-up.

The Back In Time Grand Prix is introducing some very adorable baby versions of Crash Bandicoot characters which I would very much like plushies, or something. They’re cute. Also with this next Grand Prix you’ll be able to unlock Baby T from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.


On top of all of that, there are skins and new karts to unlock as well and just like the previous Grand Prix, you’ll be able to buy them using Wampa Coins and levelling up your Nitro Bar by completing challenges.

The Grand Prix starts on August 2 and runs until August 25th.


The sly addition to how all of this works that’s being added in NOW, over a month from the initial release is micro-transactions. You’ll be able to buy Wampa Coins with real money to help you buy the skins and karts you want rather than just playing to get them. It probably won’t surprise anyone that they’re being added in as Activision did a similar thing with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last year and the fact there wasn’t an ability to spend real money on Wampa Coins always felt too good to be true.

Currently, there aren’t any price details for how many Wampa Coins you’ll be able to buy.

Check out the announcement detail for the latest Grand Prix below and let us know how you feel about the track or the microtransactions news in the comments below.

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