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Our most anticipated TV shows & events for February 2020. Be sure to let us know what you’re looking forward to the most in the comments below.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 7 (SBS) – 07/02

It is more Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Not much else needs to be said. It’s one of the great comedies of the last decade and we are getting more of it, something we feared might not happen when it was cancelled by Fox a couple of years ago. With the sixth season being released on Netflix recently, anticipation for this new season is high.

Not much is known about this season, by at the end of season 6 Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) was demoted to a uniformed officer as he hadn’t done the prerequisite period of service before becoming a detective. We will also see the second iteration of the Jimmy Jab Games so we have a few things to look forward to.

Ashley Hobley

Locke & Key: Season 1 (Netflix) – 07/02

Locke and Key has had a long and tumultuous road to live action. The comic series written by Joe Hill and drawn by Gabriel Rodríguez was first set to be adapted back in 2010. A pilot was shot for FOX back in 2019 with Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as showrunner, Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) as the director for the pilot and starring Miranda Otto, Sarah Bolger, Nick Stahl and Jesse McCartney. A film trilogy was announced in 2014 with Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (Fringe, Star Trek) producing. That never happened. In 2017 Hulu order a pilot for a series produced by Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel), Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) and Lindsey Springer (Colony) with Andy Muschietti (IT) as the pilot’s director and starring Frances O’Connor. That was passed on and subsequently shopped around until it came to Netflix. Cuse is joined by Meredith Averill (The Haunting of Hill House) and Aron Eli Coleite (Daybreak) as showrunners in this version that will finally be available for people to watch.

I’ve never read the comics, even though I know they are very popular and own copies of all the trades digitally thanks to several Humble Bundles. Netflix has had a good run of adaptation with the huge hit The Witcher or with something that seems tangent similar to Locke and Key: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. The basic premise seems interesting: A family moves into a house that is filled with magic keys that have magical powers. Looks like it could be a fun contemporary fantasy series that could run a while, unless disaster strikes again.

Ashley Hobley

NJPW: The New Beginning in Osaka ( – 09/02


New Japan Pro Wrestling (or NJPW) has already closed a chapter for the company with the success of the two-night event, Wrestle Kingdom 14 at the beginning of the year. With masterful storytelling leading to several marquee matches finding success at the event, NJPW was left in an interesting position with Tetsuya Naito being both the NJPW Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championship.

The New Beginning in Osaka for 2020 could be the truest representation of the event’s name in the company’s history. With the ending moments of WK14 straying away with the traditional NJPW storytelling by ending on scenes of the newly crowned Naito being attacked by Kenta, a choice that would be common in Western wrestling but not the Japanese scene. This showed fans that NJPW writers are prepared to step out of the storytelling comforts that the company has built over the years.

With Kenta vs Naito set to headline this event, it will be interesting to see if this trend of storytelling continues or if the writers fall back into old habits. The other match that is already making waves for this event was also set into motion back on night 2 of Wrestle Kingdom 14. Jon Moxley (formerly known as Dean Ambrose) has set the world on fire since leaving the WWE and had a very successful weekend at WK14 leaving the Tokyo Dome with the Company’s united states title. At the close of his second match, Moxley was faced with the legendary Minoru Suzuki, someone Moxley has mentioned his admiration for several times in Interviews. With a classic Suzuki beating handed to Moxley, the audience was whipped into a frenzy with the hopes for a coming match, with that match coming sooner rather than later. At the New Beginning event, this match has the potential to steal the whole show. New Beginning in Osaka will tell us a lot of how NJPW will be operating in 2020, with many of its biggest stars currently in story limbo, it will be exciting to begin the potential stories for another great calendar year for NJPW.  

Ciaran Marchant

The Clone Wars: Season 7 (Disney+) – 17/02

The only canonical material that stayed apart of Star Wars when Disney bought LucasFilm was the main films and The Clone Wars animated series. Although, at the time it was cancelled and the remaining storylines from the show were told in different mediums. A couple of novels hinted at or directly told the stories that remained, a handful of comics as well, and then the shop was shut on the series. That was until it was announced at Star Wars Celebration that the series would get its proper goodbye on Disney+ with its seventh and final season. 

I’ve personally been more excited for this than anything else Star Wars that was released recently and can not wait to see the show get a proper finale. Ahsoka Tano is my favourite character in Star Wars and these final episodes will see her join forces with Bo Katan and the Mandalorians in a battle against Darth Maul. A fight for which they got Ray Park in a mo-cap suit to choreograph the fight, which is even more exciting.

Dylan Blight

Narcos: Mexico: Season 2 (Netflix) – 14/02

At the end of the first season, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo had cemented himself at the top of the Guadalajara cartel, but we all know what decision is going to come back to haunt him. The torture and murder of Agent Camarena in such a bloody fashion are about to come back to haunt him in the form of DEA Walt Breslin. Breslin it seems is based on several DEA agents that were apart of the mission to take down Gallardo in real life, he was revealed at the end of the season to have been the narrator the whole time and played by Scoot McNairy.  

How far will this season take the story in terms of the Mexican drug cartels is yet to be seen, but we did meet El Chapo in the first season, so it’s easy to imagine what direction it should go.

Dylan Blight

Better Call Saul: Season 5 (Stan) – 24/02

Year-in-year-out Better Call Saul seems to top my list of favourite shows of the year… except for last year because it skipped a year. But it’s coming back now and with it the knowledge that it will indeed be the penultimate season. This, of course, makes sense given how the last season ended. The brilliant season finale that was ‘Winner’ saw Jimmy McGill take that final step towards the dark side and come out the other end as the man Breaking Bad fans know, Saul Goodman. 

So will we see Jimmy begin to piece together that new identity now and how soon does he get his own law practice set up? Then, of course, there are questions about how Kim will take the direction Jimmy is heading, and we know it won’t be a positive attitude, even if Kim did flirt with the illegal a bit in the past.

Dylan Blight

AEW: Revolutions (Fite TV) – 01/03

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(editors note: yes, it’s March, but we’ll fit it in here)
2020 has the potential to be the greatest year for professional wrestling outside of WWE. AEW’s journey so far has not been an easy one, there have been stumbles along the way, difficulties with building unknown talent and criticism for not living up to the bar that is set in its early Pay Per Views such as Double or Nothing and All In. But viewers of AEW’s dynamite have been witnessing an overall lift in quality over the recent weeks and the roster is building is putting itself in a position for success in the coming year.

With no matches currently booked for Revolutions, the show has limitless potential for many storylines to conclude at this event and set the bar for the company’s future. AEW Revolutions may be the most important PPV for AEW in 2020, as the first major PPV for the company of the year this is the chance to shed the creative problems and reward fans for giving them the opportunity to grow in such a public space since Dynamite began in October 2019. Stars will continue to be made after this PPV but for many of them, this is a potential beginning, a true revolution within professional wrestling.

Ciaran Marchant