Synopsis: A man (Liam Hemsworth) desperate and in debt. In a dystopian thriller where the hunter turns out to be the hunted. Game on.
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Cast: Liam Hemsworth, Christoph Waltz, Sarah Gadon, Chris Webster, Zach Cherry, Aaron Poole, Jimmy Akingbola, Billy Burke

Directors: Phil Abraham
Writers: Scott Elder, Josh Harmon, Richard Connell, Nick Santora

I’ll admit, I didn’t have as much of a negative impression on Quibi as a service as most did when I learnt about it. The trailer for Most Dangerous Game, a ‘film-in-parts’ had me gripped from the outset.

Most Dangerous Game is the newest of a long long list of adaptations based upon Richard Connell’s 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game.

A terminally ill Dodge (Liam Hemsworth) has a short time left to live. With a mountain of debt and nothing to leave his pregnant wife Val (Sarah Gadon), he gets tempted into contacting a mysterious agency he’s told that helps people in dire situations.

This is where he meets Miles Sellers (Christoph Waltz) who seemingly knows everything about him and offers him a substantial amount of money per hour for every hour he participates in a Hunt. However Dodge is the target, and it’s a hunt to the death. The hunt lasts 24 hours and the only rule is it’s limited to melee only.

One of the major negatives I took away from this. Is that the plot isn’t exactly original, being an adaptation that can’t be helped. But on the other hand, seeing the same tropes played out was a bit tiresome and the ending comes rather abruptly and without much resolution.