Thursday night previews for Piccolo Studios’ upcoming release, After Us, have started to release, and we have some gameplay video to share alongside our own preview.

Here’s the description for After Uswhich was revealed during The Game Awards in December 2022.

“Play as Gaia, the Spirit of Life, and navigate stunning platforming environments in an abstract world to salvage the souls of extinct animals. Revive these creatures after learning their final fate: the last whale harpooned, the final eagle caged, the last deer hunted down, and more, while you survive encounters with dangerous, oil-covered Devourers that roam the wasteland in search of remaining life.”

Check out twenty minutes of new gameplay for After Us, which I captured myself on PlayStation 5 below. 

The section seen in the video below is maybe fifteen minutes into my play session after I’d gotten past a lot of the tutorial stuff. You can see how Gaia can interact with the world as I hunt down the secrets and use Gaia’s voice to sometimes sing the world back to life and greenery. 

In our preview, I spoke positively about the ninety minutes of the game I have had the chance to play so far, saying that:

“If what I’ve played so far is anything, it’s signs that Piccolo Studio is building about the great narrative success they had with Arise: A Simple Story while creating a much more engaging game with enjoyable platforming and combat, without stepping too far outside their narrative and player-experience based genre.”

Are you excited to play After Us? Let me know in the comment section below. After Us is launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 23rd.