In the fourth ‘Playdate Update’, Panic revealed a new cover for the crank handheld, as well as some new games that are in development.

The show started with the team talking about showing the Playdate at PAX West and their positive reception on the show floor before getting into some updates for games coming to the console.

Pullfrog: Playdate Deluxe

Imagine Tetris, but you’re a frog pulling down the blocks, and that’s Pullfrog: Playdate Deluxe. You can use the crank to speed up the falling blocks, but otherwise, it seems like a fairly easy pick-up-and-play game from developer Amano

Pullfrog: Playdate Deluxe is coming in Q1 2024.

Sound Mind

This is a two-player hide-and-seek game in which one plays as either Kane or Abel. One player hides when it’s their turn, and the other player attempts to find them. It’s coming from Chuck Jordan, and he gave a short glimpse of it in action during the show.

Sound Mind is coming to Playdate in 2024.


Oom is a crank-only game from Gregory Kogos in which you play as a circular object that moves in time to the beat and shoots automatically. You move the object by turning the crank. It seems simple enough, but also this dungeon crawler could get complicated.

Faraway Fairway

A procedurally-generated arcade golf mental health game is a mouthful, but the team at Hedgehog Dreams has something unique with this new game.

Faraway Fairway doesn’t have a release, but it’s coming soon.

Under the Castle


Heavily inspired by Cave Noire, a game that developers Dani Diez, ZCorbs, VolcanoBytes really enjoy. This is a classic rogue adventure where players explore dungeons, and everything happens in turns, so players and enemies make actions at the same time. 

Under the Castle is coming to Playdate on December 5, 2023.

Wishlist Games Now

You can now wishlist games that are coming to Playdate. Check out the “coming soon” section on the Playdate website here.

Playdate Games Out Now

A classic montage to show off four games that you can play right now on your Playdate.

  • Reel-Istic Fishing
  • Doink!
  • Core Fault
  • Loona Landa
  • Rachel’s Playdate Game Pack
  • Grand Tour Legends
  • P-Racing
  • A Balanced Brew
  • Gravity Express

Aqua Cover

If the purple cover isn’t your flavour, an Aqua cover is available to pre-order now. Another colour was also teased, but it’ll be exclusive to those on the Playdate mailing list.

Check out the full ‘Playdate Update 4’ in the video below.

There’s nothing like a Playdate Update to make me want to crank my console out and check out some unique games only available on the handheld.

Did any of the news from this update grab your attention? Let me know in the comments section.