The Pokemon Presents tonight focused on the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and boy, did it deliver. The games look to be making big changes that fans have been asking for while keeping the core Pokemon gameplay. 

Here’s everything that was announced at the Pokemon Presents. 

Pokemon World Champions

Pokemon Worlds is back from the 18th to the 21st of August, the first event Worlds with players all together in three years, and it’ll be the first time that Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite will be in the World Championships. The event will also house the largest ever pop-up Pokemon Centre for those wanting to spend some money. 

Pokemon GO

All Ultra Beasts will be available worldwide on August 27 for a massive event, including all the Ultra Beasts. Sky Form Shayman will also be available — plus, what the hell happened to Professor Willow?! Find out during this event.

Pokemon Unite

A new quick mode, Pika-Party, is coming to Unite until the end of the month, where all Pokemon is Pikachu. Players and wild Pokemon.

Buzzwoll is being added to the game today, Tyraniter is on its way, and more events are also being planned for September. 

Pokemon Masters EX

A Trainer Lodge is coming to the game this month. 

They also teased Red VS Ash in a short cinematic.

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Mewtwo is back and is hungry so better go feed it up. Latios is coming to the game, and there’s a new campaign to get Victini and Latias right now. 

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet 

“Open World RPGs, a first for the Pokemon series.”

The story sees you enrol into an academy and then participate in the ‘Treasure Hunt, where three stories are happening simultaneously and open for you to choose how you’ll go about them. The first is the typical GYM story with eight leaders to battle, and the other two don’t have any details revealed right now. 

Koraidon and Miraidon, the game’s two Legendary Pokemon, are rideable and will be one of your main partners in the game. They can change into a flying form as well as a ground form.

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