The latest set in the Pokemon TCG has been released this week, and it’s the final in the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield set — an end of an era!

This star behind the Dynamax phenomenon of the Sword & Shield games and world makes its Radiant debut in the final Sword & Shield set. ‘Radiant Eternatus’ is a powerful card that lets you search your deck for two VMAX Pokemon and place them onto your bench. Although this ability does end your turn, it also places two VMAX Pokemon on your bench, completely skipping over the need to evolve from a V Pokemon. 

As the final set in the Sword & Shield collection, the Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith set also includes a lot of nostalgia and love for the world of the Galar region. There is the inclusion of Zacian and Zamazenta again. However, in the Trainer Gallery cards, you will find some utterly beautiful art and attention to detail for the Galar region. There is even a selection of some of the cutest Pokemon in the game, each playing in their natural habitats, which can form a stunning art piece when lined up together. 

The team behind the Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith set know the selling point for this final expansion is the nostalgia and stunning art in the cards. So much so that the launch trailer released on the official Pokemon Youtube channel, which usually has a focus on the lead Pokemon from the set, instead shows a binder filling up with the cards, almost saying to the player, “this set sure looks pretty in this binder doesn’t it? Do you wanna collect them all?”

I plan to pick up some Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith soon, but how about you? Don’t forget you can play with the latest cards in Pokemon TCG live. Let me know in the comment section if you open anything good!