Earlier this week, a video for Pokémon Sleep was released detailing how the game works, outside of you just sleeping and opening the game. 

To play Pokémon Sleep, you have to open the app and then have it resting beside you on your bed, with the screen face-down. The video notes that it won’t work properly on a hard surface, so placing your phone on a bedside table isn’t going to work. 

While you sleep, you’ll have Pokémon gather around your in-game Snorlax — whom you feed during the daytime — and then those sleeping Pokémon will be added to your sleeping Pokémon, Pokédex. The more you sleep, and the better sleep you get, the more chance you’ll unlock and see rare Pokémon come to visit you while you’re sleeping.

The game, or app, does sound involved for kids, but it does come from wanting to encourage better sleep schedules. The app is also, of course, harvesting an unknown amount of personal data. If that’s something, you want to worry about. 

Will you be downloading Pokémon Sleep when it releases? Let me know in the comment section below.