Rachel Brosnahan Is Very Charming In The Emmy Nominated Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Rachel Brosnahan is nominated for Lead Actress along with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for Best Comedy at the 70th Primetime Emmys, so Dylan and Ashley gave the pilot (along with Atlanta, Patrick Melrose and The Handmaids Tale) a view this week on the What Do You Wanna Watch podcast to discuss their thoughts.

Both Dylan and Ashley left their viewing party this week thinking The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was the best of the lot the pilots they watched and Brosnahan was a particular standout.

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Dylan: This was my favourite of all of them.

Ashley: OK good. I think it probably is mine as well. The pilot I feel like slowly got better as it went along. It sort of builds well. I think it probably — I don’t know if we’re doing spoilers or not — but it’s a pilot, I mean…

Dylan: Yeah do spoilers.

Ashley: I think the moment that it became much better is when her husband Joel decides to leave. So would you agree with that?

Dylan: Well I mean I’m just kind of… I felt like… I don’t have the actress’s name in front of me but—

Ashley: Rachel Brosnahan.

Dylan: She is very charming in the first 10 minutes as she’s doing that thing at the wedding or whatever with the speech there that ends with a bit of a joke. About prawns or whatever.

Ashley: There’s shrimp in the eggrolls!

Dylan: So that was quite funny.

Ashley: At a Jewish wedding which is the joke.

Dylan: At a Jewish wedding which is why it’s the whole thing. But yes she kind of grabs me. She’s very charming in that role going over everything she’s talking about. And then as the episode progresses… It’s because I didn’t look up what the premise was (of The Marvelous Ms Maisel).

Ashley: Me either.


Dylan: Because I mean even if you look at IMDB now it spoils what the pilot is because it just sets up what the premise of the whole show is so I didn’t really see where it was going, I was just watching it and I was constantly intrigued. I didn’t really quite know if the show was just going to be about her being a housewife. The struggles of being a housewife to a dick of a husband who’s just trying to make it as a stand-up.

Ashley: Yeah he’s a such a dick.

Dylan: Yeah he’s trying to make it as a stand-up comedian by stealing other people’s stuff.

Ashley: Material, yeah.

Dylan: But it’s funny because he starts out first you know? He seems nice. He’s at the wedding, all are smiling, he seems all right. But as the episode progresses it’s more and more like: I don’t like him and then when finally he’s like “I’m leaving you” because I’ve failed my comedy gig or whatever, you’re just like thank fuck. Fuck off ya asshole. GET OUT OF HERE! Leave her please. And then she goes on her whole tirade and stand-up her drunken routine which was very funny.

Ashley: Yep.

Dylan: Yeah, but it’s only 8 episodes?

Ashley: Not a lot.

Dylan: Not a lot so I’m on board, 100 per cent on board. This was the pilot that grabbed me the most.

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