It’s been a long time waiting, but Halo Infinite is launching this Thursday, and when the reviews started to come in last night, it was nothing but good news for fans of the franchise. 

Here’s what I said in my review for Halo Infinite’s campaign while scoring it a 9/10. 

Halo Infinite feels spectacular to play with fast-paced gameplay combining elements of the franchise’s past and modern gaming ideas. Every gun feels fantastic, and you’re never left feeling like getting stuck with one is doing your shooting a disservice. Even while I got lost in the narrative’s reliance on drawing from the encyclopaedic franchises’ past, I got caught up in the human story between Master Chief and The Weapon. Halo Infinite features an addictive campaign that moves from one objective to the other, and muttering “I’ll stop after the next mission” is almost always a lie.”

You can read my full review here.

I’ve been enjoying the multiplayer a bunch as well, and even with a few problems (I’m happy to keep off Reddit), it’s still one of the best multiplayer shooters I’ve played the last couple of years. I chose to view the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite as its product, as have some other outlets, while some have reviewed them as one. 

Here are some other reviews from around Australia, where it’s predominantly nothing but praise for Master Chief’s latest outing.

AusGamers (8/10) – Kosta Andreadis

“It’s very much the spiritual successor it purports to be — with forward thinking design and elements that flow in a way that reminds you of the timeless nature of the fluid, stylish combat of old. The lack of co-op is something you feel, but in terms of cinematic spectacle this is the Master Chief carrying the flag once more for Xbox. Albeit in that new-school form of being able to jump in and, well, play anywhere.”

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Byteside – Chris Button

“What’s most impressive about Halo Infinite‘s campaign is its restraint. Zeta Halo is a terrific setting because of its balance between conciseness and exploration. You can engage with exactly however much of it you desire without compromising on story – which routinely takes a Needler to your heart. Master Chief’s latest sci-fi journey is an absolute ripper.”

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Checkpoint Gaming (8/10) – Omi Koulas

“Master Chief is back and better than ever. Halo Infinite introduces open-world elements that don’t distract from the main story and add value to its replayability and memorable action. Even with the inclusion of the thrilling Grappleshot, the gameplay still maintains its signature feel.”

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Games Hub (4/5) – Edmond Tran

“Even after dozens of hours, the dance of movement and gunplay still feels wonderful to perform. It’s not a revolutionary redo of Halo’s principles, but rather, a refreshing revival that’s come at the perfect time.”

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Game On Aus (Review in Progress) – Chris Inglis

“The only gripes I’ve had with Halo Infinite so far have been, a couple of times the game has locked up and had to be restarted. Other than that, the game has performed really well and I’m excited to see how this story finishes up.”

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Maxi Geek (9.5/10) – Luke Henderson

“If you are someone coming in new to the Halo series, you shouldn’t feel left out in experiencing a wonderful story and incredible gameplay, for those returning for one more chance at finishing the fight, this truly feels like Halo has finally evolved and now I can’t wait to see where the series goes next.”

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Player 2 (A-) – Matt Hewson

“Halo Infinite had huge expectations to live up to. 343 Studios had yet to nail the entire Halo package and its much-publicised delay must have had the Xbox executive team worried. I am pleased to say that in all areas (bar the missing co-op) that Infinite has met and, in some cases, exceeded those expectations. The campaign runs at about 15-20 hours depending on how much of the open-world you engage with and it is a joy for the entire time.”

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Press Start (9/10) – Brodie Gibbons

“Without friends to wreak havoc with, the game’s open-world feels like a bit of a waste for now. That aside, Halo Infinite’s story is the franchise’s most personal yet and leaves the door open for plenty more when the time is right. With other big holiday shooters floundering at the moment, timing could be everything for what is essentially the second coming of Halo.”

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PowerUp Gaming (10/10) – Leo Stevenson

“Even after the credits have rolled and you’ve completed every icon on the map, if you’re like me, you’ll still want to keep playing for the simple fact that there’s nothing else like it. Easily the best first-person shooter of the year and so far, the best of this generation.”

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Reviews.Org (4/5) – Nathan Lawrence

Halo Infinite starts at a place in its narrative where it feels like an entire preceding chapter is missing, but this is more helpful to the overall mystery of the storytelling than harmful in terms of making the player feel lost. As someone who top-to-bottom loathed the campaign for Halo 5: GuardiansHalo Infinite is a return to 343 Industries’ confident love-letter storytelling of Halo 4.”

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Stevivor (9.5/10) – Steve Wright

“I was tempted to award Infinite a perfect score, but holes in functionality in both campaign and multiplayer hold it back ever so slightly. Don’t get me wrong, though — this is a fantastic offering and you absolutely owe it to yourself to play it. I imagine by May 2022 or so, that 10/10 experience will be there for fans and casual players alike.”

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WellPlayed (Review in Progress 8/10) – Kieran Stockton

“Halo Infinite is a love letter to the Halo games of yore in its beautiful art direction and re-introduction of a loveable AI, but it’s also a title that wants to forge forward with a new direction. The narrative takes a little while to heat up and at times lacks cohesion, but is anchored by interesting character interactions and a handful of impactful moments. I’m not sure fans will be completely on board with some of the narrative choices, but it’s at least a new horizon for Master Chief and friends.”

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