We Are OFK is releasing later tonight, and the reviews have started to roll in ahead of the band’s debut performance.

The game is being released in five episodes, two today and then one a week for the next three weeks. However, reviewers got to play all five episodes ahead of time. We Are OFK is both a narrative adventure and a backdoor music EP for a real virtual band. It’s an interesting project and has been since its inception. 

In my review, I said that “there are many things I liked about We Are OFK, from the characters to the music, the art direction and the thematic ideas that hit, and as a project, I am in love with the idea.” However, the gameplay and some of the writing are what I disliked the most, as I finished my review by giving the game a 5/10 and writing:

“But the disconnect the text messages caused me felt like being brutally ripped out of the experience; I began to roll my eyes when a phone icon popped up on the screen.

Read my full review for We Are OFK here. 

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