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We have a Last of Us: Part II event happening next week which will possibly see a release date finally revealed. But rumours are also circulating of another PlayStation event happening next week…

What do you think The Last of Us: Part II event holds for us? A release date? A trailer? Or just some gameplay? And when do you think the game will be released if we do get that release date? On this week’s episode of Platinum Explosion, Dylan expressed hopes for — at a minimum — a seasonal idea of when the game will be releasing; closed to the PS5, or the start of 2018?

As for that extra event, what could it be? As discussed on Platinum Explosion Episode 128 (above), Ash thinks it’s not happening, whereas Dylan thinks it could be the perfect time to build up some interested in Concrete Genie since that’s right around the corner in early October.

Let us know what you think of any of this in the comments.