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One of the best series on Netflix at the moment is Sex Education. It’s super-funny and constantly tear-jerking, but one of the reasons it’s so good, is the ultra-likeable cast. Which is why the announcement video for Sex Education Season 3 is good.

Netflix UK posted the video to their Twitter account which is embedded below.


If you needed more reasons to love Gillian Anderson: see above.

Although I was happy to see the rest of the cast having fun as they pack their bags, or even attempt Indiana Jones cosplay like Connor Swindells, it’s hard not to crack a smile at Anderson laughing about her pregnant Jean belly.

If you haven’t watched Sex Education yet, do it now.

Here’s what we said in our review of season two:

“This show is so wonderfully put together in all aspects, from the writing and acting to the music choices, that it is worthy of far more attention and promotion than it is currently getting from Netflix.”