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Swing A Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts VR Coming Soon

by Dylan Blight

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts VR Experience will be coming soon to PSVR.

Not much is known outside of what you can gather from the trailer but from a few details, you can piece together what this experience will most likely be.

You can see in the trailer the titles of the majority of Kingdom Hearts games as the camera pans around a room, along with a quick couple seconds of gameplay as the player is fighting off heartless coming at them with a Keyblade.

Considering it’s called an experience and looks to include moments from nearly every Kingdom Hearts game, you’d be safe to guess you’ll be playing through maybe one or two key moments from each title in VR. Maybe play is a big word. You’ll be experiencing Kingdom Hearts and personally if that means swinging around a Keyblade in VR for a short period of time— I’m down.

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more information.

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