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Screen Australia has announced that Australian thriller The Dry has taken over $10 million at the Australian box office in the films first three weeks. 

Based on the Jane Harper best-selling novel of the same name, The Dry was adapted by Robert Connolly and Harry Cripps, with Connolly also directing. The film stars Eric Bana as Aaron Falk, who returns to his hometown after an old mate’s death to find himself wrapped up in a potential mystery and re-opening old wounds from his childhood.

The Dry released into Australian cinemas on January 1st and had the fifth-highest opening for an Australian film at the local box office. 

“We are thrilled with the result for The Dry, it is such a great way to start the year for Australian films and also for our great local cinemas,” said Graeme Mason, Screen Australia Cheif Executive Officer. 

“The support Australian audiences have shown by going to the cinemas to see The Dry shows, audiences are ready to embrace these powerful films, and once again immerse themselves in the big-screen experience.”

Author Jane Harper released a follow up to The Dry in 2017 titled Force of Nature, so hopefully, we’ll see that get a film adaptation given The Dry’s box office success. 

Mason continued by mentioning Screen Australias ‘Summer of Cinema’ campaign. The Dry was the first film in the collection of Australian films audiences will watch in the cinema this summer. Penguin Bloom is next releasing on January 21st, High Ground following January 28th and Firestarter finishing the campaign on February 18th. 

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