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During this morning’s State of Play Naughty Dog and PlayStation have revealed the release date for The Last of Us: Part II along with a brand new trailer revealing what Joel will look like in the game.

The Last of Us: Part II will release on February 21st, 2020 on PlayStation 4.

We see the set-up for Ellie’s story and it seems that her driving force for revenge isn’t the death of Joel, as many had speculated before, but it’s the murder or kidnapping of her girlfriend, Dina.

I’m not pumped to have the game open with the brutal murder of Dina if that’s the direction it’s going. But we’re not 100% sure what’s happening just yet.

Later in the trailer, we see Ellie murdering a whole bunch of people and travelling deep into a city again on a mission of revenge against the group that wronged her. The trailer then ends with Ellie bumping into a much old ‘Punished’ Joel, who simply says he wasn’t going to let her do it alone.

Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.

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