Our picks for the Top 5 most memorable moments in a TV series this year include shocking reveals of killers, heartfelt moments from characters in their bedrooms and more.

[This article contains spoilers for Heels, Mare of Easttown, Sex Education: Season 3, Ted Lasso, WandaVision]

5.) Killer Revealed – Mare of Easttown

Just when you think you know how everything is unravelling in Mare of Eastown, it’s all pulled away. To scare Erin away from his father, Ryan steals a gun, but he ends up shooting Erin twice after she tackles him to protect herself. His two uncles help cover things up, and they’re willing to take the fall until Mare pieces it together.

The initial reveal is shocking, but when Mare heads to Lori’s house, the emotional weight of the scene weighs heavy on the shoulder. Mare must arrest the young son of her best friend. It’s a hurt-wrenching moment from one of the years best shows. 

– Dylan Blight

Mare of Easttown [Blu-ray]

4.) Jack Screws Ace – Heels

This is the moment that propelled the rest of the series forward. Ace is on the cusp of potentially going on to bigger and better things than performing for a few hundred fans in the Duffy Dome. Jack knows that without Ace, the DWL’s future does not look so bright. As the pair go out for their event match, we all expect a showcase of their wrestling abilities. Instead, we get Jack screwing over Ace, putting him in a real submission hold, forcing the ref to call the match and leaving Ace in tears.

A seemingly irreparable rift between these two brothers is formed and we a left with the image of Ace alone in the ring, cradling his arm as rubbish comes flying in from the fans. A brilliant way to end the first episode of a new show.

– Ashley Hobley

3.) Roy Comforts Jamie – Ted Lasso

After Jamie punches his abusive father in the front of the whole team in the locker room after a heavy defeat, it is the unlikely figure of Roy Kent who comforts a visibly shaken Jamie, hugging him as his emotions get the best of him.

A lovely moment as we see Roy continue to move forward, getting over, at least temporarily, his dislike of Jamie while seeing this leads Ted to reveal Dr Sharon the secret about his own father that he has been keeping. Great in the moment and great as part of the larger picture Ted Lasso was painting in Season 2.

– Ashley Hobley

2.) Adam’s Poem – Sex Education

The scene has lived rent-free in my head since I saw it. I love the way that it is the culmination of a whole bunch of storylines; we see Aimee finally break up with Steve, Maeve preparing to leave for her trip to America, Viv and Eugene being together after only having phone sex and Lily re-embracing her love of aliens.

Then we have Adam competing in the dog competition with Madam and looking genuinely happy, which fits perfectly with his poem about being grateful for his relationship with Chidi, showing him he is capable of more than he thought. Beautifully paired with Aimee Mann’s “Save Me”, this sequence has an amazing mixture of sadness and hopefulness that just spoke to me.

– Ashley Hobley

1.) It Was Agatha All Along – WandaVision

I don’t think much needs to be said about this moment. It took the internet by storm, and the memes are still going as any character reveal or twist could now be an “it was Agatha all along” moment. Of course, a lot of the credit for how memorable this moment should go to Kathryn Hahn, but the creative choice to have her character revealed in a song is a specific decision that has paid off.

– Dylan Blight

“Breaking the Fourth Wall” Spoilercast

Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley compiled this Top 5 list. The TV shows nominated must have finished airing their selected season within November 15th 2020 – November 15th 2021 and have been released in Australia via network TV, VOD or a streaming platform.