While they may not always feature in the A-plot, these performers always brought A lot of laughs to their shows.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best Supporting Performances in a Comedic TV Role in 2022.

5.) Luis Gerardo Méndez

The Resort: Season One

With a cast featuring William Jackon Harper, Cristin Milioti and Nick Offerman, very few would have expected Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez to be the stand out of The Resort, but he certainly was to me.

Baltasar Frías, the former security guard who turned his back on his powerful family and who has been doing his own investigation into the disappearance of Sam and Violet, proves to be one of the most interesting characters and one who pushes the narrative forward with his obsessive need to follow all leads and paths in this investigation. His bluntness and literalness provide plenty of laughs but Méndez also delivers on the heartfelt moments which elevate the show.

– Ashley Hobley

4.) Sheryl Lee Ralph

Abbott Elementary: Season One

As the veteran actress on Abbott Elementary, portraying the veteran teacher Barbara Howard, Sheryl Lee Ralph is simply fantastic. Whether she is mentoring her younger colleagues, reluctantly or not, or struggling with how things have changed over her career, Ralph plays each scenario brilliantly with warmth and humour. More than deserving of all the praise and awards she’s has received this year.

– Ashley Hobley

3.) Janelle James

Abbott Elementary: Season One

As the Principal of Abbott Elementary, Ava Coleman does whatever she wants. A gig she scored after blackmailing the superintendent over his infidelity. From the pilot, there’s something fun and not sinister about this character, though, thanks to Janelle James’ performance. She’s a big kid, spending most of her time worrying about her TikTok account and how she can “influence.” But time and time again, Ava does right by the kids and the school when it counts. 

James does so well within this role as the first season progresses, thanks to her ability to play to the camera. The show is, after all, a faux-documentary about a school. While other characters give it a side-eye or a look here and there, Ava is consistently aware of its presence and regularly talks to it, and thus the viewer. That may be why you’ll quickly feel so attached to Ava, even if she continues to make terrible and dimwitted choices. 

– Dylan Blight

2.) Ben Schwartz

The Afterparty: Season One

Ben Schwartz looked like he was having a ball as Yasper, the failed ska musician turn A/V guy at his high school reunion. It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of my favourite episodes of The After Party was the musical one set around Yasper. I’ve listened to “Two Shots” and “Yeah Sure Whatever” several times since but Schwartz also played a brilliant sidekick to Sam Richardson’s Aniq in their quest to prove Aniq was not the murderer with his manic energy.

– Ashley Hobley

1.) Matt Berry

What We Do In The Shadows: Season Five

It is fair to say that Matt Berry has been fantastic as Lazlo on What We Do In The Shadows for several years, but having caught up on the show and eagerly anticipating each week’s new episode I couldn’t think of a better comedic supporting character this year.

Whether trying to parent Baby Colin Robinson, assisting Nadja with her vampire nightclub or letting Simon the Devious know he is the most devious bastard in New York City, Matt Berry had me constantly laughing.

– Ashley Hobley

Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley compiled this Top 5 list. The TV shows nominated must release between November 15th 2021 – November 15th 2022 and have been released in Australia via network TV, VOD or a streaming platform.