Our Best of 2020 awards begins today and we hope you can look forward to seeing our awards roll out over the next couple of weeks. TV awards will be releasing throughout this first week, so let’s kick things off.

Although it’s often hard to narrow down some of the larger ensemble casts from lead to supporting roles, we’ve had to draw the line ourselves to hand out our first Top 5 list for 2020.

Here are our picks the Top 5 Supporting Performances in a Comedy Series.

5.) Patricia Allison for Sex Education: Season 2

Although Patricia Allison’s Ola Nyman was introduced in the latter half of Sex Education Season One, she had the most impact in the second season. Her relationship with Otis goes through several bumps in the road, some for comedic effect, others for dramatic. By the end of the season, Ola had blossomed as a character and made some interesting friends along the way. Her friendship with Adam was a big surprise, but one of Sex Education Season 2’s highlights and making Patricia Allison a standout comedy performance for the year.

Dylan Blight

4.) Juno Temple for Ted Lasso: Season 1

Juno Temple’s performance in Ted Lasso is one of the more blatantly comedic roles on the show. The model who is famous for almost being famous shows over the course of the season that she is more than just a WAG, proving to be a true friend to Rebecca and coming to expect more of her romantic partners.

The slow build of the relationship between Keeley and Roy was done beautifully. While there is an element of her that sees unfiltered thoughts just come out, like how beautiful Rebecca’s breasts are, she was also great sounding-board and provider of wisdom, like how she helps Roy with the prospect of his career being over. A true example of not judging a book by its cover.

Ashley Hobley

3.) Dan Levy for Schitt’s Creek: Season 6

After six seasons, Dan Levy’s run as David Rose came to an end on a high note as the critically acclaimed show he co-created with his father released its final episodes. The final season saw David preparing for his wedding to Patrick, a stress-inducing process that David is ill-suited to which ensured hilarity was abundant.

The LGBTQ positive series ended with two important episodes for David. “Start Spreading The News” saw David finally accept that he didn’t need to go back to New York to prove his “friends” wrong after an emotional conversation with Emily Hampshire’s Stevie. “Happy Ending” saw David finally marry Patrick, even after the day didn’t go as expected. Watching David’s transition from the guy we were introduced to the man we said goodbye to has been a joy.

Ashley Hobley

2.) Hannah Waddingham for Ted Lasso: Season 1

It was not hard to see Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca Welton as the antagonist of the Ted Lasso early on. She says she wants to ruin the team after all. But as the first season goes on, we get glimpses of the vulnerable side of Rebecca as Ted, Keeley and others crack her hard exterior and help her cope with the fallout of her toxic marriage to Rupert Mannion. 

Waddingham plays such a delightful foil to Ted’s optimism as she sits through biscuits with the boss each morning and seeing her find her way again was a heartwarming experience. And she does have perfect action-figurey arms too!

Ashley Hobley

1.) Gillian Anderson for Sex Education: Season 2

As Jean Milburn, Gillian Anderson delivered one of her most fun roles in years in Sex Education. In the second season, she brought a lot of raw-human emotion to the part, which was missing in the first season. As Jean’s relationship with Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt) grew, Jean had to face-the-music and open up about her habitual one-night-stand relationships. Gillian Anderson’s performance throughout the entirety of Season 2 was one of great comedy and dramatic hights, making it our pick for Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Series.

Dylan Blight

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley.