Sometimes the supporting roles in a series can become one of the most memorable. That’s fair to say for all five of our picks in this category.

Here are the Top 5 Supporting Performances in a Drama Series.

5.) Rahul Kohli for The Haunting of Bly Manor


If we were doing ‘Top 5 Most Loveable Characters in TV’ from 2020, Owen from The Haunting of Bly Manor would top that list. Rahul Kohli‘s performance as the warm and caring chef is a standout in a series filled with A-tier actors. Kohli‘s performance is one of the 2020s most memorable with food-related puns and the heart-wrenching chemistry and performance alongside T’Nia Miller (who deserves her praise as well).

– Dylan Blight

4.) Jeremy Pope for Hollywood

Hollywood was a fun limited series set in an alternate-history version of the Golden Age of Hollywood. While the cast across the board was very good, it was Jeremy Pope’s Archie Coleman that stood out.

The young black, gay screenwriter who believed that he deserved to be treated to like everyone else was someone that was easy to get behind. Jeremy Pope got the opportunity to exhibit his full range of capabilities and is one I’ll be watching for in the future.

– Ashley Hobley

3.) Tony Dalton for Better Call Saul: Season 5


Although Tony Dalton first showed up as Lalo Salamanca in the back-end of Season 4, it was during Season 5 that he truly made his mark. The highly devious and ruthless member of the Juarez Cartel and nephew of Don Hector Salamanca is as violent as the rest of his family, and he has shown that side several times. What makes Lalo a standout character is an almost sadistic side to him that is oddly reminiscent of DC comics Joker. He’s always happy to have a laugh and often in the darkest of situations, but he’s deceptively smart, as seen in the season finale, “Something Unforgivable.” Tony Dalton has delivered another memorable one-of-a-kind villain in the Gilligan-Verse, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

– Dylan Blight


Better Call Saul: Season 5 – Blu-ray

2.) Robert Sheehan for The Umbrella Academy: Season 2


In season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, Klaus was the screw up of the family and in season 2… well, not much has changed. After being thrust back in time at the end of season 1, Klaus finds himself alone and winds up starting a cult, one in which he soon finds himself trying to escape from.

The real drama that Klaus encounters this season is with a younger version of Dave, the soldier Klaus fell in love with when he time jumped to the Vietnam War in Season 1. Klaus struggles with whether he should stop Dave from enlisting or not. All while dealing with it in his Klaus way, with the ghost of his dead brother Ben by his side, making a Robert Sheehan a delight to watch.

– Ashley Hobley

1.) Jonathan Banks for Better Call Saul: Season 5


As Better Call Saul creeps closer to the Breaking Bad timeline, we’ve seen characters like Jonathan Banks‘ Mike creep closer to the one we originally met in BB. The thing that continually surprises me with Jonathan Banks‘ performance in Better Call Saul is just how much he’s making me reconsider my feelings for Mike in Breaking Bad. In that series, he was a hardened killer. He was the big boss’s right-hand man, and a threat in every room he stood. The same is mostly true for him in Better Call Saul, but as we see the journey, and the decisions Mike makes that send him down that path, it’s so much easier to side with and feel sorry for the man. In Season 5 of Better Call Saul, his chemistry with Bob Odenkirk in episodes like “Bagman” are career highlights, and that’s saying something for Banks, who has more than a few standout performances under his belt.

– Dylan Blight

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley.