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Troy Baker has spoken about why he isn’t in Borderlands 3 again and now we know it was, according to him, because Gearbox wouldn’t come to Union standards so he could sign-on. 

Speaking to VG27 recently Troy said the following:

“So they came to me, and they were like, ‘Do you want to do this?’,” Baker explained. “Which I said, ‘Absolutely.’ And then they made it impossible for me to do the role. It had nothing to do with money, it had nothing to do with money. They just simply would not go about doing it the way that we needed it to be done. So then it was like, I never said no.”

But it continued with VG27 asking for clarification if it was a scheduling thing or what, to which Troy said:

“No, it was simply a matter of they wouldn’t go union,” he replied. “And I can’t do a non-union gig.”

On this week’s episode of Arcade Couch Dylan, Ash and Ciaran discuss this recent interview with Troy Baker and what exactly is going on at Gearbox. 

Check out the clip for that below.

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