From the Vampire-riddled City of Redfall to the Taverns of Elder Scrolls, Bethesda has an eclectic collection of worlds to please the interests of Vault Dwellers and adventurers alike. Thanks to Bethesda, ANZ fans now have the opportunity to experience these worlds right in the Centre of Melbourne at The Worlds of Bethesda.

Early Friday morning, I attended an early look at The Worlds of Bethesda, a limited-time experience featuring several locations, each pulled directly from the Bethesda library. The experience begins with entering the Redfall bar area; visitors are dropped right onto the Vampire-riddled streets, an excellent way to immerse yourself in Bethesda’s latest franchise before its upcoming release. You can enter the Elder Scrolls Tavern, where visitors can experience a quest taken directly from The Elder Scrolls books. Make sure to keep your knees protected! 

Journey to the stars with the Starfield experience featuring a mech brought directly from the galaxies beyond our own, and finally, step back to the future with a diner any Vault lover could enjoy; make sure you check out the doughnut mural that features a familiar friend when viewed through a camera. (Yes, they are Krispy Kremes, and yes, this writer wanted one rather badly)

[Editors note: Ciaran was seen getting a doughnut on the way to his hotel today.]

Check out the website and book in before the experience closes at the end of the PAX AUS 2022 weekend. Thank you, Bethesda ANZ, for providing the opportunity to check out the experience early.