Squirtle Community Day is TODAY, Trainers!


by Dylan Blight

Get ready for another community day Pokémon Go trainers. July’s featured Pokémon is none other than Squirtle, and today you will see an in chances of finding Squirtles in the wild, increased shiny chance and a bonus move, Hydro Cannon, for any Squirtle evolved into Blastoise during the event.


You will also have a chance of a Squirtle wearing sunglass appearing in an obvious nod to the Squirtle Squad from the television series  if you complete a field research during the event. So yes, you can build your own Squirtle Squad to protect your town or neighbourhood bike path. 

Eggs will also be hatching at 1/4 the normal rate (only for eggs placed in incubators during the events runtime) and lures will be lasting for a bonus-length of 3 hours (the length of the event.)

The event will run from 1 PM – 4 PM AEST. 


Pokémon Go is currently holding an anniversary event where you can catch Pikachu wearing sunglasses until the end of July.