Pokémon Go Community Day August 11th & 12th – Eevee

by Dylan Blight


This month’s Pokémon Go Community Day is actually two days and features the lovable Eevee who is soon to star in Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee.


  • Dates:
    11-12th August

  • Time:
    1PM-4PM AEST

  • Bonus:
    Three-times Catch Stardust

  • Exclusive Move:
    Last Resort

Yes, the event is really two days and there’s probably a good reason why. Eevee currently has five evolutions in Pokémon Go and although shinys weren’t confirmed by Niantic for the community day, it’s easy to assume you will be able to find shiny versions of Eevee in the three hour periods each day. Since evolving Eevee can involve walking 10KM for different evolutions, the twos days is probably to offer trainers the best opportunity to get a shiny version of every Eevee evolution available.

Will we see Leafeon and Glaceon added into the game in time for the first Community Day event? Let’s hope so and if they are, good luck to those wanting to get a shiny version of the 8 different variations of Eevee available.

All Eevee’s caught during the event periods will have an exclusive move ‘Last Resort’ which is often a huge damage dealer in the core Pokemon series.

Trainers will also be getting three-times catch stardust from all Pokémon caught during the Community Day periods. With double the Community Day fun this month, that’s a lot of potential stardust to use levelling up or trading for those shiny legendaries with friends.

Hope everyone has a great Community Day(s) this month.