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‘Spyro 2’ Reignited Gameplay Beautiful But Has Changes 


by Dylan Blight

On the PlayStation Underground show today we got a look at a full level of gameplay from Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer from the upcoming remastered trilogy.

For fans of the original, like myself, this video is sure to bring excitement and joy. The level design and characters are very recognisable in the level ‘Idol Spring’, even if the assets have all been updated and in some cases had changes made to them. 

In the video executive producers and designers from developer Toys For Bob explain they didn’t have access to the original assets and had to come up with a tool they titled ‘SpyroScope’ to extract the general level placements and character pathing. An outstanding achievement that fans are sure to appreciate. 

That said, some stuff has been changed noticeable and some other details fans in the Youtube comments section are already calling out. In the video, they explain smaller details like adding a BBQ to the head of a tiki-solider (which makes sense) as a way to make the game more playful. Other details fans are calling out are more minute details like orb sound effects being wrong and the animation for the orbs being changed.

Reignited Gameplay

Reignited Gameplay

Original Game

Original Game

Another thing noticeably missing in this level is the rain cloud with the tiki-monster at the end of the level which is odd, but might still make it into the final product when it releases September 21 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Check out the gameplay video below:

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