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‘We Happy Few’ Shows Off Longest Trailer Yet


by Dylan Blight

Publisher Gearbox Games overnight has released a new 5-minute trailer for Compulsion Games upcoming title, We Happy Few

Australians may have been getting ready to ignore any news about We Happy Few coming into August as the games release date approaches after it was initially denied classification and banned from Australian audiences. However, with that initial hiccup fixed and the game now sporting a fresh R18+ classification Aussie gamers can get excited over new trailers.

The latest trailer shows off some of the biggest characters in the fictional city of Wellington Wells including Doctors, Mayors and more. 

A lot of gameplay is shown off in this latest video also and the game looks as ‘Bioshocky’ as it ever has, both in design and story elements. The combat looks to have visceral options and a big skill tree to upgrade with frontal assaults and sneaky approaches to things both being options. 

‘Joy’ the drug citizens take to lead happy lives and the cause of the Australian Classification Boards issues with the game is front and centre. You’ll be able to choose whether you take it thus making getting around the city easier or ignore it and make enemies more likely to chase you. 

Check out the new trailer below:

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