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Bethesda Comes Down Under For PAX AUS 2018

by Dylan Blight

Bethesda are bringing Pete Hines the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Tim Willits, Studio Director of ID Software and Matt Firor, President and Director ZeniMax Online deep down under for PAX AUS 2018.

Pete Hines is the most prominent of the three guests Bethesda is bring down to PAX for several panels as you would have seen him on-stage at E3, but all three are bound to bring amazing conversations to some great panels at PAX.

Pete Hines will be at ‘Bethesda in Conversation’ on Friday at 2:30 PM, along with ‘Bethesda Trivia’ on Saturday at 2 PM.

Tim Willits will be attending ‘Bethesda in Conversation’ and also ‘Bethesda Trivia’ but will also be on ‘There Will Be Blood: id Software Retrospect,’ which is on late Friday at 5:30 PM.

And finally Matt Firor will be on both ‘Bethesda in Conversation’ and ‘Bethesda Trivia,’ but you can also catch him at ‘The Long Arm of the Lore: World  Building in Games’ which is on Sunday at 1 PM.

PAX AUS 2018 takes place from Friday, October 26th until Sunday the 28th. Make sure to bookmark our PAX AUS 2018 hub page for all the coverage.

Will you be checking out of the Bethesda panels with these fantastic guests? Let us know in the comments below.