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As the Michonne series comes into it’s second of three episodes in the series, it still never forms into a very interesting story. If nothing grabbed you in the first episodes, there isn’t much more happening here. You are playing the Michonne series, for Michonne herself and the story is a sub-par guiding narrative for the character moments.

The problem from the moment the game said to go in the first episode of this series was that the bad guys simply weren’t very interesting. They’re cliche and boring and I’m neither scared or interested in them or their problems. I don’t even care if I get to kill them, or if they disappear out of the plot entirely.

The opening moments of episode 2 have you dealing with your decision at the end of EP1: did you kill Zachary or did you stop Sam from shooting him? Either way, you’ll soon be on an escape mission after freeing Pete. Shortly after you have to make a decision around Pete, which is where my first problem is raised. If this is set in the comic book universe of The Walking Dead, then Pete’s fate is sealed, right? It doesn’t matter what you do with him. Unless this isn’t actually canon to the comic universe — which would be fine — but then this becomes a marketing issue… Anyway, separate issue!

You’ll meet some new characters in this episode and although one of them shows potential to be interesting, I doubt that will get done in the last episode, especially since it’s shaping up to be an action-packed one.

Michonne herself is the star once again here and is the reason to play this mini-series. Samira Wiley continues with the strong performance and if you’re a Michonne fan there is another particular cool flashback scene. The great thing about Samira and the way Michonne is portrayed in the flashback scenes in both episodes, but particularly here, is the difference in character. When you compare the old Michonne to the current one, you can see and hear how she carries herself differently. The Michonne we have all come to love has been crafted through some terrible times, but it’s what got her through those terrible events.

It’s a more enjoyable episode than the first, but it’s still got a so-so

story, full of characters I really don’t care about. If every character that’s been introduced in this series dies by the end, I seriously couldn’t care.


Review By Dylan Blight

Review By Dylan Blight