Watch “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” for the Cinematography and Costumes

The recently released Netflix original film “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” was discussed on Episode 14 of ‘What Do You Wanna Watch?‘ by Ashley and Dylan. Ashley came to a perplexing revelation, Dylan gave props to an often overlooked element of film making and Nick apparently doesn’t pay much attention to what is happening on social media.

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Ashley:  I thought it was really good. I think the one thing that I didn’t realise until I read up on it is the cinematography is really impressive. Like there are some beautiful shots which is crazy because it’s a basic Rom-Com, it shouldn’t look – 

Dylan:  Explain what you just said, you just said – 

Nick: You didn’t realise the cinematography was good until you looked it up but you didn’t realise while you were watching it?

Dylan:  Calm down Filip Micuin or whatever his fucking name was.

Nick: I had to be told the cinematography was good.

Ashley:  I was just engaged in the story, I obviously want paying that much attention to the, like obviously I picked it up while I was watching it but once someone said it it just like “aah”. That “aah” moment. But yeah I enjoyed it, I thought it was good, I don’t think its like the second coming of romantic comedies which everybody is building it up to be but it was a good.

Nick: So it blew up on social media in what way? Because I still haven’t seen anything on it.

Ashley:  Do you follow anything or look?

Dylan:  I’ve tweeted about it twice myself I think.

Nick: I haven’t seen it. I just saw it pop up on Netflix today when I was looking for something to watch.

Ashley:   I’ve seen a bunch of people tweeting about it.

Dylan:  I very much enjoyed it. I would watch it again today.

Ashley:   I’ve watched half of it since watching it the first time.

Dylan:  Oh really?

Ashley:  Yeah.

Dylan:  I do enjoy a good Rom-Com, and I much prefer this compared to your 90’s Hugh Grant shit which I am not a fan of. Its weird to be like “I enjoy a good Rom-Com” then be like I hate most Hugh Grant stuff because that people fucking consider Rom-Com I suppose.

Nick: Love Actually is the greatest Rom-Com ever written.

Dylan:  You’re wrong

Nick: No I’m not

Dylan:  It’s this

Nick: No it’s not


Dylan:  This is better than Love Actually. I really enjoyed this and it is shot very nicely.  There is one of the guys I found a little bit off. Not one of the main guys, I think it was the neighbor or whatever, you know that one.

Ashley:  Josh?

Dylan:  I found him weird at times.

Ashley:  The Sister’s boyfriend?

Dylan:  I found him odd at times, I don’t know if that was just me. Everyone else I really liked and the main girl who’s Jubilee from X-Men

Ashley:  Lana Condor.

Dylan:  Yeah

Ashley:  I knew she was from X-Men but I couldn’t figure out which X-Men film she was a part of

Dylan:  It’s not like she had a big fucking role anyway

Nick: Which one is she in?

Ashley:  The last one. Apocalypse.

Nick: Oh, I haven’t seen that. I heard it was garbage.

Dylan:  Wasn’t she in Days of Future Past as well?

Ashley:  No. Or maybe? I don’t think so

Dylan:  Either way, I’m sure she just stands in the background and doesn’t say fucking anything so… But she’s really really good in this and my number 1 call out: Costume Design. She wears about 100 different outfits in this movie and they are all on point. They all score 10/10 points from Dylan.

Ashley:  They’re all on fleek. Is that the saying?

Dylan:  They’re all on fleek. Yes, that is the saying. They are all on fleek. But, yeah, I just really, really enjoyed this movie. It’s just  a heart warming fun Rom-Com and I would quite happily just watch again today, no troubles about it.