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RTX Sydney 2018 Review

by Dylan Blight

From the moment I entered the cool corridors of Sydney’s International Convention Centre (ICC), something was different this year. For RTX — now in its third year in Australia — last year’s event was huge, featuring Hideo Kojima and Nintendo’s yet to be released console, the Nintendo Switch, both featuring and being main attraction atop the usual RTX fair. This year, however, those immediate elements of wow were blatantly missing.

If you’ve wandered into RTX thinking it’s like any other geek-culture convention in Australia, you’d be quickly mistaken. The floor is like a small market, and the majority of cosplay is for the Rooster Teeth anime, RWBY. This is no Comic-Con.


The con floor itself featured your usual fair of shops, from a Good Games stall to the Hanabee booth. Pop culture gear was covered from video games, anime, and comics through to board games. The assortment of each was enough to hold your attention for a short period of time before moving on — unless you were purchasing something. A stall on the west side of the hall did feature long boxes of comics and older generations of video games to search through — if that’s something that takes your fancy. But the majority of the shops didn’t offer much to scour through.

Dodging the two (yes, two) stalls set up in each end of the hall trying to get you to sign up for paintball, you could find an artist alley near the west-side food hall, opposite the Rooster Teeth store. The store itself was in the same spot as last year and used the same system of moderately letting people through from a line, although if you hung around until late Sunday you could probably pick up what you wanted, discounted, and without wasting time lining up.