San Diego Comic-Con Trailer Round Up – Day 3

by Ashley Hobley

San Diego Comic-Con is here and a bunch of trailers for a heap of nerdy properties have dropped. Unfortunately, we can’t do our regular reacts this week, which you can normally see live on Twitch or later on Youtube. But check out my thoughts on some of the big trailers from Day 3 of Comic-Con below.


Thank god this trailer got better as it went along. When it started with a pretty generic origin/child section, I was worried. But once we got to Jason Mamoa, things picked up. Atlantis looks cool and colouful and the underwater stuff looks pretty good, which was a concern going into this project. It is hard not to compare it to Black Panther, with them both introducing new worlds to us and relatives fighting over a throne. Sure, there is a lot of CGI creatures and none of the characters really stood out, but I cautiously optimistic. At the very least we will get a bunch of sea creatures fighting each other.

Rating: 👍👍


This look amazing. To be fair, I was on board when they cast Zachary Levi but this trailer does a great job of showing what it would be like for a kid to suddenly turn into a superhero adult. It’s like a modern superhero version of Big. I don’t have an extensive knowledge or Shazam (or Captain Marvel) other than when he appeared in Young Justice, but it looks like they have really stay true to the character. The shot where he turns into Shazam without breaking stride is one of the coolest I’ve seen at Comic-Con so far. Great use of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”. Mark Strong looks… interesting. Easily the best trailer of Comic-con so far.

Rating: 👍👍


This looks awesome but I’m confused about the story they’re telling. It seems like they want the Kaiju (or titans) to wipe out mankind, based on the voice over and the heroic music when each monster is revealed. It’s an original take. If we get to see all the monster we see in this trailer duke it out with Godzilla, I will leave the cinema pretty pleased. This also has a pretty great cast. Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Dance, Sally Hawkins and Mille Bobby Brown. Pretty great.

Rating: 👍👍


This looks really good, as long as you can deal with Johnny Depp. I really enjoyed the opening which is also the same as the boggart scene in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Jude Law looks good as Dumbledore and Johnny Depp looks like a bad guy. I’m keen to find out how everyone from the first film come back together, especially Ezra Miller’s Credence who I thought wouldn’t be returning to this film. Hopefully we see even more Niffler action.

Rating: 👍👍


Looks like more of the same, which is fine. Looks like the Nora storyline will be a season long arc and I’ll be interested to see what she did that will take a season to correct. The Flash ring looks OK, i don’t need it to stick around though. I know next to nothing about the villain teased at the end but I got Prometheus vibes based off the costume. 

Rating: 👍👎


I’m keen to see where this season takes us. The fact Oliver is still in prison yet someone is running around as the Green Arrow has me interested. The fight in the prison shower looked brutal and it was a nice touch to see a few of the criminals Ollie has taken down in there with him. I guess we will just have to wait a see how long before Oliver gets out to Ricardo Diaz again.

Rating: 👍👍


I really like Legends of Tomorrow. It is one of the most bonkers shows out there at the moment. For example, the climax of the last season saw the team combine to turn into a giant children’s toy to fight a time-traveling demon. And now they’re adding Constantine to the mix permanently! I expect more time travelling adventures and witty banter between this underrated ensemble.

Rating: 👍👍

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