Alex Lahey

Alex Lahey

Bevan Beats

by Ashley Hobley

Welcome to Bevan Beats! This is a fortnightly article and accompanying playlist from us at the Explosion Network. It aims to enable us the ability to share the music we love, discuss a certain theme, or share what we are simply listening to in our everyday lives. You’ll be able to find the playlist on Youtube and on Spotify.

Oh dear God. Is it already time for me to make another one of these playlists? Where have the last 8 weeks gone? While I ponder how time seems to be eluding me, peruse this collection of tracks I’ve been listening to or have revisited recently.

Alex Lahey

Alex Lahey


I stumbled across Alex Lahey recently and I’m glad I did. This uptempo track with a tongue-twisting title is a fun listen, but you should check out the stripped back version she did for Triple J. Amazing.

02.) Better Off Without – Armon Jay

Heard this one while watching the Netflix Rom-Com Set It Up (Watch it, it’s good). Very simple but it resonates with me.

03.) Swing Life Away – Rise Against

I remember briefly seeing Rise Against open for the Foo Fighters a few years back. I think my brother with the tickets was running late or we were stuck in the merch line, but I only saw them play a couple songs. After listening to some of their stuff later, this song stuck out to me and I revisit regularly

04.) Death With Dignity – Sufjan Stevens

This song recently featured in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a game I found to be a quite touching experience. I definitely had to track this song down after finishing the game to listen to it again.



05.) Get Out – CHVRCHES

Dylan has previously featured a track on Bevan Beats from CHVRCHES’ Love is Dead which, coupled with Buddy Watson’s high praise for it, got me listening. I’ve been playing it so much that this track is highly requested by my little brother on his trips to school so he can sing along. 

06.) Take A Walk – Passion Pit

This song is proof that the Spotify algorithms work. It randomly played when I forgot to set a playlist to repeat and I think its pretty good. I regularly find myself bopping my head along to the beat.

07.) You In January (Acoustic) – The Wonder Years

Let me start this by saying I’m a sucker for acoustic versions and covers. So when I discovered that The Wonder Years had an acoustic EP called Burst & Decay on Spotify, I had to check it out. That EP has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks. I’ve tried to go back and listen to the original version on No Closer to Heaven but this version is superior in my opinion.  

08.) High Hopes – Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco recently released their sixth album Pray for the Wicked and there a few tracks I really like, this one being one of them. “Dying in LA” is another highlight for me.

09.) 3 Rounds and a Sound – Blind Pilot

i really like this song but I couldn’t remember how i found it. After a quick Google search, I learned that it was in the Season 2 finale of Chuck (yes, another song from Chuck. Get used to it, its probably going to be a regular occurrence). It is also special because this starts playing when one of my favourite quotes from the show is said: “Go with your heart buddy. Our brains only screw things up.”



10.) Latch – Kodaline

I love this cover of the Disclosure song which originally featured Sam Smith. I heard this version first and can’t really get into the original version now.

11.) Drown – Bring Me The Horizon

Another song I included just cos I like it and relate to the lyrics. Not all these notes are gonna be great.

12.) Pieces Of The People We Love – The Rapture

This song was used in the opening credits sequence of Episode 3 of Tales from the Borderlands and is my favourite of the 5. 

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