A mini-fig of Baron Harkonnen in Dune is officially the best mini-fig that LEGO has ever released. The entire ‘Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter’ set looks pretty sweet as well.

This new adult premium-replica is releasing on February 1, 2024, and will feature a fold-out flappable Ornithopter, as well as eight minifigure characters: Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, Gurney Halleck, Chani, Leto Atreides, Liet Kynes, Duncan Idaho and Baron Harkonnen in his long robe. 

This set is based on the first film, but it’ll still be perfect for building prior to the release of Dune Part II, although you may need some space to display it as the Ornithopter with wings folded out, measures over 23 cm (9 in.) high, 57 cm (22 in.) long and 79 cm (31 in.) wide.

Ages 18+ // Pieces 1369 // LEGO Item 10327 // Price $249.99

Are you interested in this set? You’ll be able to purchase it via the LEGO Store.