E3 2021 is nearly upon us, as is Summer Game Fest, and then there’s EA Play next month… Look, it’s tough to know when the ‘E3’ period starts and ends, but I’m trying to keep track of it all in this article for you. 

Below you’ll find where and when to watch each big gaming event over the June and July period. From E3 through to EA Play in late, it’s all here for you.

I’ll add any announced events as time goes on, but feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me if I’m missing something. 

[All the times listed below are AEST]

June Events



INDIE Live Expo 2021 Digital Showcase

  • When? 7 PM, Saturday the 5th of June

  • What is it? A five-hour show focused on 300 upcoming indie games with sponsors including Microsoft, Sony, Cygames and Arc System Works, which will all present special segments.


Guerrilla Collective Day One

  • When? 1 AM, Sunday the 6th of June.

  • What is it? The second Guerrilla Collective will feature a bunch of trailers and news featuring primarily indie games.


Battlefield Reveal Event 

Summer Game Fest: Kickoff Live!

  • When? 4 AM, Friday the 11th of June.

  • What is it? Geoff Keighley is bringing back Summer Game Fest for another year, and this time it’s kicking off with one big show. We’re not too sure what’ll be in this event and what may be trickled out throughout the next month in sporadic events from Geoff like last year. But we do know that Weezer will be playing a new song live that’ll be DMCA free for streamers to use in the future. 

Netflix Geeked Week: Video Games

  • When? 2 AM, Saturday the 12th of June – 2 AM, Saturday the 19th of June

    What is it? Not directly about video games, but Netflix is joining the E3 event train. They’ll be sharing information on Masters of the Universe: RevelationResident Evil, The Umbrella AcademyThe Sandman, The Witcher, Cowboy Bebop and The Cuphead Show!

Koch Primetime

  • When? 5 AM, Saturday the 12th of June

  • What is it? Koch Media haven’t teased anything directly for this event, but they own many interesting IPs. We know a new Saints Row game is being worked on; there’s a lot of hope for a Dead Island revival, and Metro fans could be looking for hope that franchise isn’t over quite yet. 


Guerrilla Collective Day 2

  • When? 1 AM, Sunday the 13th of June

  • What is it? The second day of the Guerrilla Collective features more indie games.

Wholesome Direct

  • When? 3 AM, Sunday the 13th of June

  • What is it? An indie showcase with a focus on ‘wholesome games.’

Ubisoft Forward

  • When? 5 AM, Sunday the 13th of June

  • What is it? Ubisoft returns for another one of their COVID-era events, but this year, part of E3 officially. Expect some Assassins Creed, and some Far Cry 6, among some surprises. 


Devolver Digital

  • When? 6:30 AM, Sunday the 13th of June

  • What is it? We ask that at the end of each Devolver Digital E3 event, we still don’t know.



  • When? 7 AM, Sunday the 13th of June.

  • What is it? Probably a focus on the new Borderlands spin-off.

Upload VR Showcase

  • When? 7:45 AM, Sunday the 13th of June

  • What is it? A return showcase from Upload VR focuses on VR games for all the headsets.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

  • When? 3 AM, Monday the 14th of June

  • What is it? Xbox and Bethesda combine their E3 shows into one this year after Xbox purchased Bethesda last year. This is a 90-minute show and sure to be a big one with big expectations on Xbox’s shoulders. 


Square Enix

  • When? 5:15 AM, Monday the 14th of June

  • What is it? Square Enix will showcase something following on from their presentation last year in the ‘non’ E3.’


Warner Bros Games – Back 4 Blood

  • When? 7 AM, Monday the 14th of June

  • What is it? Warner Bros Games presents a focus on Back 4 Blood.

PC Gaming Show

  • When? TBD, Monday the 14th of June

  • What is it? The annual PC Gaming Show returns to showcase news, trailers and gameplay from the PC side of things.


The Future Games Show – E3 Edition

  • When? 9 AM, Monday the 14th of June.

  • What is it? GamesRadar+’s Future Games Show is back with Troy Baker and Laura Bailey set as the hosts with over 40 games to showcase during the show.

Take-Two Interactive

  • When? 3:15 AM, Tuesday the 15th of June

  • What is it? A presentation from Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of Rockstar, 2K and more.



  • When? TBD, Tuesday the 15th of June

  • What is it? The publisher/developer of the Resident Evil series has a presentation during E3 2021.

Razer E3 2021 Keynote

  • When? 8 AM, Tuesday the 15th of June

  • What is it? Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer is holding its first E3 keynote this year. I’d expect some keyboard, mice, headset reveals. 


Nintendo Direct

  • When? 2 AM, Wednesday the 16th of June.

  • What is it? Nintendo has promised roughly 40 mins of announcements for Nintendo Switch software, with most of it being games that are releasing in 2020.


Bandai Namco

  • When? 7:25 AM, Wednesday the 16th of June

  • What is it? Bandai Namco, the publisher of the upcoming Scarlet Nexus, has a presentation during this years E3 show.

Official E3 2021 Awards Show

  • When? 9:45 AM, Wednesday the 16th of June

  • What is it? Editors from IGN, GameSpot, PC Gamer and GamesRadar+ decide on the official winners of the first-ever E3 Awards Show.

This is the last E3 2021 stream, but be aware that there are all-day streams from E3 and sites like IGN covering and revealing more games and exclusive trailers. I’ve just listed all of the big ones above for you.

Steam Next Fest

  • When? 3 AM, Thursday the 17th of June – 3 AM the 23rd of June

  • What is it? The Steam Next Fest is a renamed version of the Steam Game Festival from previous years. It’s a multi-day event with hundreds of playable demos available, live-streamed developer interviews, discussions, and more hosted on Steam.

Sonic Symphony Orchestra

  • When? 2 AM, Thursday the 24th of June

  • What is it? A free symphony orchestra event featuring the music from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games. There will also be performances from Crush 40 and DJ Tomoya Ohtani.  

July Events




  • When? Saturday, July the 10th

  • What is it? A team-up of CD Projekt Red & Netflix for a celebration of all things The Witcher.
    Read more here

PAX Online 2021

  • When? 16th – 19th of July

  • What is it? PAX Online returns this year, although currently PAX Australia is still scheduled to occur in October and won’t be a part of this event, unlike last year. Full details are TBD but expect a lot of panels. 

EA Play Live

  • When? TBD, Friday the 23rd of July

  • What is it? EA’s yearly E3-adjacent event returns this year, and I’d expect a focus on Battlefield, Apex Legends and maybe a tease for a new Respwn game. 


Annapurna Interactive Showcase

  • When? 5 AM, Friday July the 30th

  • What is it? Publisher of games like The Outer Worlds, Donut County and the upcoming The Artful Escape host their very first showcase stream.