Our friends at WellPlayed have launched a new video series, ‘Talkthrough’, where they’ll interview and get a walkthrough of an upcoming game in each new episode. The teams’ first episode is all about the Aussie-made game Broken Roads.

The nearly hour-long video dives into all parts of Broken Roads, including the combat, story, the Australian world the game is set in, and the community and quadrants within the game.

“So if this was a look at the future of Australia, we could all exist in one big group, perhaps?” asks WellPlayed’s Managing Editor, Zach Jackson, at one point in the video. 

“One big group with knives and dingos and drop bears and stuff, sure,” responded Craig Ritchie, Studio Director and Game Director at Drop Bear Bytes

Continuing after the joke, Ritchie talks about how real-world events and social websites inspired the game’s moral compass. Instead of having a straight black-and-white morality to the game’s characters and how you interact, the Broken Roads morality will be much less binary.

In the backhand of the video, Ritchie talks about the lengths the team at Drop Bear Bytes has gone to to get the game as Australian and authentic as possible. This included gathering pictures, drone video and more from Western Australia. Broken Roads has also worked with various writers, consultants and more to get an essential, authentic and respectful representation of Aboriginal people in the game.

Check out the first episode of ‘Talkthrough’ from WellPlayed below.

Broken Roads was recently delayed to add some additional polish to the game and will be released in early 2024.