Australian set and developed post-apocalyptic RPG Broken Roads, from developer Drop Bear Bytes, has been delayed into early 2024.

The game was initially set to release on November 14 on PC, with console releases of the game to follow in the new year. Developer Drop Bear Bytes shared the news on X, stating that although the game is “content complete”, they want more time for additional polish and QA.

“While Broken Roads is still coming, we’ve made the decision to delay the release to allow for additional polish time and QA manpower plus resources to ensure a higher quality bar for the thousands of permutations that can arise.”

Drop Bear Bytes has a much larger game than they initially anticipated, with nearly 400,000 words of dialogue.

When asked if this delay would push the game’s console versions back further than initially planned, Drop Bear Bytes said that, ideally, this delay would mean that the PC and console versions would be released all at once on all platforms.

We’ve been excited about the release of Drop Bear Bytes and can’t wait to play the game now, early in 2024.