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Announcing ‘Fish Fingers and Custard: Doctor Who Aftershow’

Joining the ranks of our TV series aftershow’s that already includes South of King’s Landing (Game of Thrones), Viewing Gods (American Gods), and Bevanworld (Westworld) is Fish Fingers and Custard, our Doctor Who aftershow.

In the day(s) following each episode of Doctor Who we’ll be recording an episode of FFAC where we will break down the episode, review it and discuss any theories we have for coming episodes.

We will be recording each episode of the series live on Twitch, or you’ll be able to watch and listen afterwards on Youtube and podcasting services including Apple Podcasts

Series 11 of Doctor Who kicks off on Monday October 8th where you can watch it on ABC iView straight after it airs on the BBC, or catch the screening at 5.55PM that night.

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