We have the official podcast artwork below!

Happy Thursday! It’s time for us to announce a brand new Explosion Network podcast. The one podcast to rule them all…

We have a Star Wars podcast in Holocron Entries, so it only makes sense we have a podcast for The Lord of The Rings, so the balance in the nerdom is restored. 

[NSFW for the referenced clip below]

The Lord of The Rings: Extended – A Middle Earth Podcast was created because of Prime Video’s upcoming series, The Lord of The Rings: The Rings Of Power. It’s set about a thousand years before the events of the films we’ve all watched and will delve into a time we haven’t seen explored in any film or television series. We’re all pretty excited about it, and after the most recent trailer, it seems a bunch more have come around on the upcoming series. 

The series premieres on September 2nd, but to get ready for that, we’re kicking off the next six weeks by talking about each of Peter Jackson’s films. That includes all three The Hobbits and the Lord of the Ring films. And we’re watching The Extended Versions. 

The first episode is up right now HERE, and we’ll have another one every Thursday going forward up until the release of The Rings of Power

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the official artwork for the show done on time, but we should have that fixed before next week’s episode. 

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